Thursday, 9 July 2015

Watch Your Cricket on the Go!

Cricket is nothing sort of a religion in our country. We love cricket and adore our cricketers. We feel exhilarated when Team India wins a match and whenever the team loses, we take the loss personally. When Sachin Tendulkar bid adieu to the game, millions of his fans regarded it as their personal loss! In India, there are fans who have dedicated their entire lives to the game of cricket and travel the world following their passion. So in such a country, if a cricket lover has no access to the latest match for some reason or the other, one can very well imagine the state of mind they'll be in - in all probability feeling lost and looking for the quickest opportunity to gain access to TV or a computer or a smartphone!

My husband is a cricket fanatic. He is not just passionate about the Indian team matches but also follows cricket news and updates from around the world. From the latest upheaval in the West Indies team, to the hottest controversy to hit the Australian team, he follows all the cricket news updates. From which country is playing where to what's the latest rank of all the test playing nations, ask him, and he will be ready with the latest statistics! I remember, during the 2011 Cricket World Cup, we celebrated the Indian team winning the World Cup with a party that went on for 2 days! The celebrations went on and on! And the atmosphere was the exact opposite in the last world cup. India's exit from the series did not go down well with him and sulk mode was on for quite a few days.

And now that the Ashes series is on, cricket fever is back in our household! However this time around, my husband is not only dealing with huge workload, but is also engaged in lots of travelling across the country for official work. Knowing how passionate he's about England and Australia's epic clashes, I can understand his desperate need for a break to just sit in front of the TV, have a good cup of tea in hand and enjoy his favourite game. But I have noticed that these days he seems less agitated about not getting to watch cricket on TV. All thanks to the UC Browser he has downloaded on his phone. In today's hi-tech times, getting access a cricket match is not a big deal. With UC Browser, you do not need to slyly look for opportunities to catch the latest match on. Not just at work, even when you are travelling during a match, you can access the live action while on the go. Just click on the UC Cricket tab on the UC Browser, and you will get access to LIVE scores and latest cricket updates.

So if you too have cricket loving family members who do not always have the luxury to be in front of the TV during a cricket match, tell them about UC Cricket, and watch them cheer up in delight.

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