Thursday, 20 August 2015

Team Godrej Interio, My Living Room Needs a Makeover!

My home is my haven,
My favourite place in the world,
In it my family blossomed
And my little joys unfurled.

HOME, the four letter word that means the world to us. It's our little kingdom, of which we are the rulers. It's our safe refuge from the harsh world, a space that is ever ready to welcome us with love and warmth. We all love our and cherish our homes but there are times when we wish our home was a little more beautiful, a little more spacious and little more well planned. Quite often I come across friends and acquaintances who express discontent with the way their house is built or designed. I believe this discontent every now and then is quite natural because as human beings we are always seeking to improve our life and surroundings. 

Though I live in a reasonably well designed home, still there are some glaring shortcomings in the layout, especially when it comes to storage space. One of my major grouse is that fact that the dining and lobby area has no wall unit to store the crockery nor there is any dedicated area for casual sitting. And this post is specifically dedicated to all these shortcomings.

Dear readers, in this post I am going to share with you my idea of a dream living cum dining room and how I wish my dining room gets transformed into a more bright and engaging space. Popular home furniture and interiors brand Godrej Interio is giving bloggers an opportunity to get their home/favourite room transformed, and since I have been contemplating about renovating my living-cum-dining room for a while now, I thought this was a good time to write about my dream room and who knows, may be the good folks at Godrej Interio's office will like this post enough to pick it up for the miracle makeover!

Now before I go ahead with my living room woes, here are a couple of photos of the room in question, to give you a perspective about my concerns.

It has been more than a decade that we shifted in our house and in all these years, my house has hardly any seen any major makeover. Though I love my home, but of late there are a few things about it that have started to bother me. One of the major concerns is the bland look of the house and lack of creative shelves to display curios. Also this area looks more like a dining space rather than a lobby or living room. Even when some acquaintance comes over, I have to pull out the dining table chairs for sitting for there's no other sitting option. 

I understand I can invest in a small settee to keep on one side of the room but then that would block the area in front of the refrigerator. So for now there's no quick-fix solution for the sitting problem. Another major issue is lack of storage space for crockery. The fine china is all stocked in the store-room and bringing it out and keeping it back is quite a cumbersome task.

While browsing for ideas to redesign the lobby area, I came across some really handy designs that fit my lobby area to the tee. Godrej Interio's website is loaded with quite a few interesting design ideas matching a variety of space layouts. From the many designs available, I picked up two that look just perfect for replicating.  

Since Godrej Interio is a pioneer brand in home furniture, I browsed through their website to get a more in-depth idea about living cum dining room designs and I was left amazed at the variety of designs the website has on display. Browsing the living room section of the website, I have come across so many layout and designs ideas that look like an exact replica of the dream living cum dining room I have in mind. Check out the designs above - they are precisely what I am looking for  - neat and sorted space with a very contemporary and vibrant look. How lovely it would be to have a designer space such as one of these. With this kind of makeover, all living cum dining room woes would be taken care of. 

So this is how I want my living room/lobby to look like - modern, spacious and cheerful! I hope my humble lobby gets lucky in the #HomeCanvas campaign and gets picked up for a makeover by the Godrej Interio team. Fingers crossed. 

I am participating in the Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and Blogadda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here's how.

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