Monday, 15 June 2015

#MaxFreshMove - Big Shot of Freshness!

Braaaaazeeeeeel…la, la, la, lalala la…the speakers blared.

‘Which stupid DJ still keeps Brazil in his music list’! Rohan smirked inwardly, ‘or are Vengaboys making a comeback?!?’ He couldn’t be sure but the music surely had started to annoy him now. He gave his wife Ameya a quick look to check if she too had noticed the DJ’s hopeless shenanigans on the console, but she seemed occupied accepting presents from the guests.

Rohan’s wedding reception party was on. It was supposed to be a zesty event with his close friends and family enjoying good food and vibrant music and celebrating his big day of happiness. But from where Rohan stood, it looked like the ‘good’ oil rich food was dulling the guests’ senses and the ugly blare of Braaazeeel was acting like an insult to injury, making them stick to their sofas in bored monotony. It was only the kids who seemed to display some enthusiasm and were happily showcasing their groovy moves on the dance floor. The seemingly endless re-runs of screechy pop songs of the years gone by were keeping them entertained.

This was not how Rohan had imagined his special day. The best banquet hall was booked for the event, with one of the best DJs from the city hired to ensure the guests had a rocking time. But right now the ambiance seemed quite contrary to what Rohan had envisaged.

Just as he was ruing the choice of DJ for the event, the music stopped abruptly. For a second Rohan thought it was some issue with the DJ's equipment, and almost heaved a sigh of relief. But then also quickly realised that music going off this abruptly at a social event looked odd and so just as he was about to enquire what was wrong, a beautiful voice lit up the hall with its brightness! A frenzy to WOWs filled up the hall, followed by many compliments for the yet unknown singer! Before the singer guessing game could start, a the spotlight came on right on the singer's face and it was none other than the immensely talented and spunky Anushka Manchanda!

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And lo and behold! There was another show-stopper accompanying her - the very popular south Indian film star Allu Arjun, who was now taking over the dance floor amidst much excitement amongst the guests! Wow! this was like magic! 'How in heaven are they here, in this party?' wondered Rohan, joining the guests gathered around the dance floor. Anushka was belting out her hugely popular 'Dance Basanti' number while Allu Arjun was grooving to Anushka's tune! And the guests who looked ready to doze off just a while ago now seemed to in high spirits. While many were flaunting their dance moves alongside Arjun, those with two left feet preferred to admire his stylish dance instead.
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Anushka and Arjun, both were absolute live-wire on stage, freshening up the mood of the party with their high energy performances! The entertainment quotient of the party had just hit the roof, and Rohan could not thank his stars enough. It was only later that he came to know that Arjun and Anushka were both guests at the hotel and had randomly peeped inside the banquet hall to discover a boring party on, and had decided to put up an impromptu performance! Seeing the guests rocking to Anushka and Arjun power packed performance, both Rohan and Ameya instinctively knew this was the best wedding gift they could have asked for!

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