Tuesday, 14 July 2015

#MaxFreshMove - Upping My Dancing Skills!

Colgate's new advertisement video featuring superstar Allu Arjun and DJ Anushka Manchanda is hitting just the right notes among music and dance lovers. More than a product advertisement, it is coming across as a fun video inspiring people of all ages to freshen up and get up and get grooving to life's happy tunes! Set against a theme of a wedding, the video has popular DJ and singer Anushka Manchanda getting ready to liven up a wedding party with her entertaining tunes. Just as she is done setting up yet music station, Allu Arjun joins her to set the dance floor on fire with his explosive moves!

Some people just cannot keep a beat. They will sway to their own music or at best may just clap along to a beat. I am one of them. No matter how hard I try, I never seem to remember dance steps. But then, this might change real soon, for Allu Arjun's superb dance moves in the Colgate's #MaxFreshMove video is looking like a crash course in effortless dancing!

Ever since I have come across this video, I have been so taken in both Arjun and Anushka's dance performance that I have earmarked a few steps to practice and flaunt on cousin's birthday.

In the music video, Arjun cuts a naughty picture twisting his jacket collar from side to side. I absolutely love the way he executes the step with such ease, and since this step looks easy to do, I am definitely picking this one up. Even with my bad dancing skills, I am sure with a couple of practice sessions, I will get the hang of it!

Here is another interesting step from the video. The hand movements look tricky but both Arjun and Anushka are absolutely in sync in this one and it has come out really good in the video. This is it! It looks like they are both fluttering their hands like butterflies and then they change the hand gesture to make it look like they are sprinkling freshness all around. 

Now that Allu Arjun and Anushka's entertaining dance moves in the #MaxFreshMove video have inspired me to try my hand, or rather leg at dancing,  even with my bad dancing skills, I am sure with a couple of practice sessions, I will get the hang of it! And I am sure these fun moves will not just freshen up my mood buy will also liven up any dance floor!

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My Taazgi Ka Dhamaka Playlist!

Colgate's new advertisement video featuring superstar Allu Arjun and DJ Anushka Manchanda is hitting just the right notes among music and dance lovers. More than a product advertisement, it is coming across as a fun video inspiring people of all ages to freshen up and get up and get grooving to life's happy tunes! Set against a theme of a wedding, the video has popular DJ and singer Anushka Manchanda getting ready to liven up a wedding party with her entertaining tunes. Just as she is done setting up yet music station, Allu Arjun joins her to set the dance floor on fire with his explosive moves!

The Taazgi ka dhamaka video is fun enough to eliminate boredom and tiredness out of any soul. And now that I am all rejuvenated with this dose of freshness, I thought why not prepare a playlist to go along! After-all, when one's dancing, who says no to more of foot tapping numbers! So here, when you are done with dancing to the very entertaining Taazgi ka dhamaka, there are 9 more foot tapping numbers in store for you! 

As song number 2 in my Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist , I have the flavour of the season in my playlist! Of course it has to be Chittiyaan kalaayiyaan! Everyone seems to humming this one, and also swaying to it's tune! What a fresh feel this song has - right from vivacious Jacqueline Fernandez', her gorgeous aura, the fun dance steps...everything has a breezy feel about it!

The next number in my Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist is a veteran if you were to compare it to other songs listed here. But they don't say 'old is gold' for nothing! 'Namak Ishq Ka' is pure gold! Song number 3!

Song number 4 in the list is Mera joota fake leather from Gangs of Wasseypur 2. Thank you Sneha Khanwalkar for this psychedelic, foot tapping number! Its magic is such that even those born with two left feet can effortlessly dance on this one.

Song number 5 can get shy shy demure girl on the dance floor! Such is the magic of Gauhar Khan and Parineeti Chopra's entertaining dance moves! Jhallah Wallah it is!

The next song on my Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist is all about positivity and living life to the fullest! And icing on the cake - it makes for a beautiful dance number! Shudh Desi Romance it is - song number 6! Easy on the ears and fun to dance on!

'Tu mere agal bagal hai' is one song that everyone around me loves dancing on. Right from the grown-ups to the still-learning-to-walk toddlers - everybody loves this cute song! And the most fun comes with the lyrics - tere doggy ko mere bhonkne na nahi - and everyone goes berserk mimicking Shahid Kapoor's doggy step! So yes, 'Tu mere agal bagal hai' is song number 7 on my Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist!

At every wedding, I can see the DJ putting this one on loop! And why not, it can get even those with two left feet to shake a leg or two on the dance floor! And frankly one does not really need any dancing skills to master this one! It's so much fun - just roll up the lungi please!! Here's it is - song number 8 - Lungi Dance!

Song number 9 brought to life the hitherto forgotten dance number - Hungama gya...and how! Featured in the film Queen, this one shows Kangana Ranaut going all out enjoying herself on her single honeymoon. Her cute dance moves in bar in a phoren country won people's heart and it showed in the film's box office collections! But then the original version is no less entertaining! Check out Bindu's sensuous dance moves in Hungama Ho Gyaa!

And song number 10, is the supremely entertaining Oh la la oh la la from The Dirty Picture! Remember the frenzy and furore this song created - the very sensuous Vidya Balan and the overtly mischievous lover-boy Naseeruddin Shah romancing each other with some hilariously over-the-top dance moves! But then the song fit seamlessly with the theme of the movie and fits seamlessly in my playlist too!

So this is it! If you are tired or bored, this Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist will sure rev you up, just like it freshens me up!

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pamper Your Bundle of Joy with Dabur Baby Oil Massage

Whether it is to soothe your little bundle of joy to dreamland or to ease his gassy belly, a gentle massage works wonder on babies. Massage forms an essential part of an infant's health care and grooming routine. And I speak from experience. As a mother of two grown up kids, I would attribute their healthy toddler years to not just to a healthy lifestyle but also the regular massage routine they had. 

As a mother, I find regular massage a lovely way to express love and care to babies. While a massage gently soothes the babies to sleep, it has many health benefits too including improving circulation and easing teething pain. And since the massage oil we have use has a direct affect on the baby's health it is very important that we mothers chose it with utmost care. And this precisely is the reason why I stressed on Dabur Baby Oil.

Dabur is a much respected brand in our country, making health and lifestyle products that are based on ayurvedic formulations. It's been a leading name in baby products for decades now, and households across the country vouch for quality of their products. And Dabur Baby Oil with olive and almond is one such product.

Dabur Baby Oil is parabens and paraffin free

One of the important reasons why Dabur Baby Oil with olive and almonds scores above other massage oil is because it has no harsh chemical in it - made of ayurvedic formulations, this oil is parabens and paraffins free. Parabens are chemical preservatives that are used to increase the shelf life of cosmetic products. In some recent research studies, skin problems such as dermatitis and skin allergic reactions have been linked to parabens.

Paraffins are petroleum by-products that are obtained from petroleum refining process. There have been reports that say paraffins might be carcinogenic, and since they easily penetrate the skin, they are a health threat.

The goodness of natural oils

Dabur Baby Oil with olive and almonds is not just chemical-free, but also loaded with the goodness of natural oils such as olive oil and almond oil. Here's how these two oils help keep your baby's skin moisturised and healthy.

Olive Oil - Olive oil does wonders for baby's skin and works as great massage oil. Research shows that olive oil not only nourishes the skin, application of olive oil on scalp strengthens hair roots and also softens frizzy hair.

Almond Oil - Almond oil is a common ingredient in many massage oils. Many parents prefer massaging new-borns with almond oil as it is an excellent source of Vitamin E. Pure almond oil provides superior nourishment to baby's skin.

These natural oils work their own different magic on a baby's delicate skin and
 Dabur Baby Oil enriched with these oils. Also it does not contain any artificial colours and is tested to ensure skin safety. So if your little bundle of joy's skin nourishment means the world to you, then pamper him with the best from the Dabur range of childcare products.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

5 Benefits of a Healthy Diet!

Maintaining an overall healthy diet not just offers our body the energy and nutrition that it needs to function, but also offers several health benefits as well. Healthy eating helps us get the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It helps us feel our best boosts our energy level. And yes, it also helps us handle stress better. While the advantages of eating healthy are many, listing below 5 benefits that inspires all of us to put nutritional food on our plates.

1. Eating a healthy well balanced reduces the risk of quite a handful of diseases including chronic diseases, such as heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. So make sure you include a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unsaturated fats.

2. Another important benefit of switching to a healthy diet is increased energy levels. Avoiding excess fatty foods, sugars and refined carbohydrates helps prevent blood sugar fluctuations. On the other hand, unprocessed carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables are nutritious, and allow us to maintain steady blood sugar level. In addition, they keep us energized through the day.

3. Eating balanced, nutritional food also helps in weight control. For example simple healthy choices such as replacing soda with water and choosing salads over fast food not only helps lose weight, it also ups our health quotient.

4. Eating healthy gives us cosmetic benefits too. Nutrition experts say that a healthy diet that limits sodium and high-sugar carbonated drinks promotes a flatter stomach. Also food with high water content, such as fruits and vegetables, moisturise the skin and keep us hydrated. They also contain antioxidants that protect against cell damage thus helping the skin look fresh and younger.

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5. And last, but not the least, include honey in your diet. Regarded as a power-food, honey is a treasure chest of nutritional and medicinal values and its health properties have been valued since ages. It contains antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart diseases. Recent research also shows that honey treatment may also help in reducing ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders. Also honey is fast becoming a healthier and tastier alternative to sugar since it is sweeter than sugar but contains fewer calories.

Is healthy eating the same as going on a diet?

Healthy eating is not a diet. Diets are temporary. Because you give up so much when you diet, you may be hungry and think about food all the time. And after you stop dieting, you also may overeat to make up for what you missed.

Stressing on nutritional food does not mean starving oneself or being very picky about what to eat, rather it means eating a diet balanced in lean proteins, carbohydrates and fats. So fret not about crash diets anymore and switch to a well-balanced, nutritional plate rich in healthy food.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Watch Your Cricket on the Go!

Cricket is nothing sort of a religion in our country. We love cricket and adore our cricketers. We feel exhilarated when Team India wins a match and whenever the team loses, we take the loss personally. When Sachin Tendulkar bid adieu to the game, millions of his fans regarded it as their personal loss! In India, there are fans who have dedicated their entire lives to the game of cricket and travel the world following their passion. So in such a country, if a cricket lover has no access to the latest match for some reason or the other, one can very well imagine the state of mind they'll be in - in all probability feeling lost and looking for the quickest opportunity to gain access to TV or a computer or a smartphone!

My husband is a cricket fanatic. He is not just passionate about the Indian team matches but also follows cricket news and updates from around the world. From the latest upheaval in the West Indies team, to the hottest controversy to hit the Australian team, he follows all the cricket news updates. From which country is playing where to what's the latest rank of all the test playing nations, ask him, and he will be ready with the latest statistics! I remember, during the 2011 Cricket World Cup, we celebrated the Indian team winning the World Cup with a party that went on for 2 days! The celebrations went on and on! And the atmosphere was the exact opposite in the last world cup. India's exit from the series did not go down well with him and sulk mode was on for quite a few days.

And now that the Ashes series is on, cricket fever is back in our household! However this time around, my husband is not only dealing with huge workload, but is also engaged in lots of travelling across the country for official work. Knowing how passionate he's about England and Australia's epic clashes, I can understand his desperate need for a break to just sit in front of the TV, have a good cup of tea in hand and enjoy his favourite game. But I have noticed that these days he seems less agitated about not getting to watch cricket on TV. All thanks to the UC Browser he has downloaded on his phone. In today's hi-tech times, getting access a cricket match is not a big deal. With UC Browser, you do not need to slyly look for opportunities to catch the latest match on. Not just at work, even when you are travelling during a match, you can access the live action while on the go. Just click on the UC Cricket tab on the UC Browser, and you will get access to LIVE scores and latest cricket updates.

So if you too have cricket loving family members who do not always have the luxury to be in front of the TV during a cricket match, tell them about UC Cricket, and watch them cheer up in delight.