Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Family - The Greatest Gift

Online real estate platform housing.com has been creating quite a buzz recently, thanks to its heart-warming Look Up series of advertisement campaigns. The campaigns are heart-warming for they talk about family and togetherness, and underline the importance of inclusiveness and optimism. Most importantly, these campaigns are focussing on the significant role a positive attitude can play in making this world a better place to live. And it is interesting to see that these campaigns are inspiring people to share their Look Up stories – stories of grit and determination, tales of love and laughter, and accounts of family bonding. Housing.com’s most recent Look Up theme is togetherness, and the stories of togetherness that people are sharing are not just tugging at my heartstrings, but are also inspiring me to share my story of togetherness.

I celebrated my birthday in the second week of this month, and for the first time in last so many years, everyone in the family was together to celebrate my special day. Not that birthday celebrations excite me at this age, but the fact that my husband and all my children were with me after so long, filled my heart with immense happiness and gratitude. More often than not I am bogged down by some sundry pain or the other. Joint pains, backache, exhaustion - some ailment or the other keeps demoralising me, as a result of which I am hugely dependent on medicines. But the birthday week was different; I could feel spring in my steps and went about the household chores as if my body had never known any pain. Such was the effect of the pleasant vibes at home.

The easy banter at the dining table, with everyone sharing jokes and random experiences, the silly family jokes - everything was music to my ears that had become extremely fed up of the monotonous silence that reigned inside the house when the kids were away. It was as if their presence was now breathing life back into the boring four walls. Everything seemed aglow with love and warmth, and rings of laughter decked up every corner of the house. Later in the evening, extended family members' surprise visit to wish me turned out to be the icing on my marvellous birthday cake. Everyone came bearing good wishes, gifts and flowers and the birthday revelry went on till late in the night.

Presence of my family, all my loved ones, together with me on my special day, what else could I have asked for from God. I hope and pray that he keeps making all our birthdays similarly beautiful and fulfilling. May there always be love and laughter in our lives. May the presence of our loved ones keep filling our homes with happiness, for it's our loved ones, our families that fill our lives with love and warmth and give us the strength and motivation to face life's challenges head-on.

Photo courtesy: All Things Family

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